Performance Monitoring & Reporting

To monitor our performance, we use Servicetrac™, the market-leading software application for the cleaning industry (produced by Innovise Software).
As a web-based package, it allows our business to access performance information from anywhere, at any time.

Servicetrac™ is designed predominantly for two things; helping our managers find issues efficiently and easily and providing automatic steps to ensure these are corrected. Using mobile smartphones and tablet devices, our managers can perform any number of audits, inspections and checks against any number of locations, items or employees.


Once these checks, audits and inspections have been completed, we can configure Servicetrac™ to automatically and immediately email audit data to any of your Site Representatives. If this is too much information, as an alternative we can provide automatic weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.

In the unlikely event that we identify a non-conformance or an issue on site, Servicetrac’s™ integrated helpdesk converts these issues into ‘tasks’ along with target resolution times.

At this point our whole business is aware of the specific issue and the action plan we have agreed with our clients.

These ‘tasks’ are then managed centrally from our head office and transferred to a Regional Manager and/or operative to ensure the issue or failure is corrected within the time frame specified. Your site representatives can also access our helpdesk facility to monitor rectification times or to raise issues or emergency/reactive tasks, a very valuable resource indeed.

Added Value

Our audits are completely configurable and do not necessarily have to be restricted to cleaning, meaning that any of your specific checks that need to be performed can be migrated into Servicetrac™. For instance, as our managers perform the cleaning audit, they are perfectly placed to perform other audits on your behalf. We can include an ‘infection control report’ or a ‘building condition report’ – a broken toilet seat or a hand drier not working etc.

Maybe you need a report to see that your fire escapes are ‘clear’ or your fire extinguishers are compliant – whatever you want us to audit on your behalf, it can all be completed at the same time as the cleaning audit and the findings will be included in the report.

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