Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning

We’ve been setting standards in industrial and manufacturing environments since 1955 thanks to our comprehensive cleaning services, experience and expertise that makes us one of the leading industrial and manufacturing cleaning companies in the UK today.

Our full range of services has seen our professionals work across a multitude of industry sectors, with our ethical and responsible approach to cleaning making us the first choice for floor cleaning, machine cleaning, high level cleaning, cable tray maintenance, lighting and equipment cleaning, staff and public area cleans, ventilation system cleaning, and waste disposal.

We understand that the highest levels of workplace safety begin with a healthier and cleaner work environment, and whether your workplace is a plant, factory, workshop or warehouse, we use the most efficient commercial cleaning equipment and supplies, train our staff to a specialist level and deliver a clearly defined, strategic cleaning plan that suits your requirements and yours alone.

Alongside these core services, our mobilisation plan ensures that we can be pro-active and achieve the best possible results for your industrial and manufacturing facility from day one, even if you wish us to fulfil large and/or multi-site contracts.

“Quality is assured whatever the size or scope of your contract, enabling you to create a safe, positive, healthy and productive work setting from your office cubicles, staff break out areas, locker rooms and conference rooms to your labs, loading docks and warehouse floor.”

If your business requires specialist cleaning, delivered with professionalism and care then contact us now to see how we can help!

Safeguarding brand reputation is another plus point of regular industrial and manufacturing cleaning, and thanks to the positive and clean environment created via our work schedules and tailor-made cleaning programmes you can maintain a positive brand image, improve facilities for existing workers, and attract new employees, customers and vendors to your organisation.

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