Pharmaceutical Cleaning

Specialist cleaning solutions for your pharmaceutical or clinical environment are just a phone call away, and with more than 60 years of experience under our belt, we have been the go-to firm for pharmaceutical cleaning since we opened our doors.

Our reliable and reputable cleaning professionals are trained to the highest industry standards and strive to provide the best service possible to your specialist work environment with continued development and ongoing learning regarding the latest regulatory standards affecting your industry sector. High specification cleans are required in the most demanding settings within the pharmaceutical sector, and from your organisation’s storage areas, packaging lines, drug production facilities and refrigeration amenities to the development and research laboratories that sit at the centre of your business, we can satisfy the most stringent regulations and ensure you uphold your own high standards of hygiene.

Using approved equipment and supplies, our cleaning operatives are fully equipped to deliver high service levels, trackable audits and traceable results, three factors that are integral to good manufacturing practice (GMP). Our cleaning and sanitation methods are consistently carried out, controlled and monitored to accredited quality standards so that the risks so commonly associated with any type of pharmaceutical production can be minimised or even eliminated completely!

“We are already trusted by a wide range of clients throughout the pharmaceutical, clinical and cosmetics sectors, and as well as ensuring that each area and piece of equipment integral to your business is cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards, we offer a flexible service that is designed to satisfy your requirements & work with the changing needs of your company.”

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